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As a high-performance athlete, coach Jonathan Morales sought to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics, however, life had prepared him for a rematch, going to a world fair led by Andrea Ramirez Lemon.

The Morales-Ramírez duo have worked tirelessly to realize their dream and are now on the cusp of their much-anticipated debut, within the Queen’s Test, Marathon on August 6.

With 27 years of athletic career, Morales has led Andrea throughout the Olympic process with the experience of also being a marathon runner, but with academic support evidenced by the predictable rating and branding created by the Mexico City-born, but Mexican by adoption.

“I don’t think about it for five years, I’ve had 27 years in the sport. As an athlete, I’ve always strived to qualify for the Olympics, I’ve done so in many international events, but not in the Olympics and it’s been my pleasure,” Jonathan said. My great pleasure. I’m still trying to qualify for the Olympics. Rio 2016 is a marathon, so we are talking about five years ago that I decided to leave high performance and devote myself to sports training.”

In this sense, he insisted that going to summer fencing would have special meaning for his entire family, “I imagined it for three Olympics. I imagined I would qualify, I pictured myself in an Olympic village; I was in world-class universities, but I know it wouldn’t be bought with Olympic rings.” on your uniform and you will not compare to anything, when they gave it to us and told me that I was a coach official, that I was part of the delegation, it is to a very great personal satisfaction, to my family, to my mother, my wife, my children, we have been together for many years, my brothers. He was an athlete and those who believe Now with the Jonathan Morales Runner Club project.

Three days before entering the activity and in the test that will conclude the Olympic Games in Tokyo on a boom, coach Morales revealed that Andrea Ramirez is reaching a remarkable physical and mental moment.

“The African continent is the contender to beat the Kenyans, Ethiopians and Uganda, without neglecting the Japanese who will be local and there is obviously a very high level in Japan, as well as some Europeans. Andrea is ranked 35th out of 96 participants. She is the best Latin American, ahead of her 34th , It’s an Olympic marathon, but anything can happen. As a coach, it is my responsibility to get to her best physical and mental state so that she can get the required performance, the preparation was perfect, the standards, the competitions and examinations were all met, and the goal was achieved” .

Finally, Jonathan did not want to go ahead for the night, but he made sure that Andrea would fight to the last step for the national colours, “Being optimistic and realistic, if she gets to 34th, she will improve, but we will seek to improve the best Mexican brand that belongs to Adriana Fernandez. , 16th place in Sydney 2000, would be the main goal. Every place is a step and a catalyst. Paris is three years away and we know this will be her best sporting moment.”



It’s the brand with which Andrea Ramirez Lemon qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

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