Why and How to use Online & Free PDF Compressor

Why and How to use Online & Free PDF Compressor

Do you want to excel in your career? Are you looking for effective ways to get an appraisal from your boss? Are you fed up with hectic work and consume much time in your official tasks?

Now, it is the right time to say goodbye to all such hassle. The online world will never disappoint you. It is eagerly waiting to help you out in your professional career.

The advent of free online tools with excellent accuracy has made it easier. Now, use compress PDF online to get satisfactory results for file compression.

Why Use Free PDF Compressors?

The huge file size is meant to disturb people in terms of device performance. The heavy files are quite notorious and can put much strain on the laptop or smartphone. These take much time to open up and even lead to the system stuck. Likewise, another issue that links with large file size is the difficulty to transfer it. It is very challenging to share such files with others. Hence, often, it is ordered by the boss to reduce the size of the file.

Rather than watching long YouTube videos to reduce PDF size, you can easily do so with the PDF reducer tool. Yes, it will help you deal with lots of PDF files, and hence you can share the files after reducing the size with the boss. Indeed, you can share these files with colleagues or may upload them easily on the website. It will be uploaded in the wink of an eye due to its less size and complexity. Compress PDF file size of your files, too, such as of your coursework book or any other that is in PDF format.

How to Use a PDF Compressor?

When you get the command to reduce PDF size, then immediately rush towards the Compress PDF tool. Afterwards, open up the device at which you want to operate the reduction process. It can be the laptop, computer or smartphone as per your ease. The method to use the online tool for file compression includes few simple steps. These include:

  • Navigate to the free pdf compressor to shrink pdf file size at Duplichecker.
  • Keep the high accessibility of the PDF file that you want to compress. Now, you have to input the file into the online tool. There are multiple smooth and convenient ways to do so, which include:
    1. Upload with URL
    2. Upload from DropBox
    3. Upload from Google Drive
    4. Direct uploading of the file
  • Dragging and dropping of the file to the software
  • After making the selection of the input method, tap at the Upload button
  • Now, make a selection about the quality of file in which you want the output file
  • The online tool will instantly start its performance by analyzing the PDF file and shrinking it by removing the cache. It converts the PDF file into the least possible size so that the user can use it for his purpose
  • After compressing the PDF file, the user will get the output PDF file on the display screen. The size of the file after the compression would be mentioned along with the file.
  • Download the compressed PDF file within seconds at your device by clicking on the output file.

Best Online Compress PDF Features:

Duplichecker.com offers the worthiest and easy to use tool for reducing the PDF files in size. It perfectly and smoothly reduces PDF file size without having any drastic impact on the file quality. It comes up with multiple exciting features to help the users in their official tasks and personal use.

  • Optimum Quality:

Previously, the users reported the common and pathetic issue of poor quality in the output file due to random online tools. But, the advancement in technology eradicated such issues. It provides the users with the freedom to reduce the size of multiple files without affecting the file quality.

  • User’s Privacy:

It ensures to respect and maintain the privacy of the user and the accuracy of the data. Many users do not like to switch towards online tools due to their privacy. Both the privacy of the users and the file information matters a lot for a reputed online tool. They focus much on protecting the privacy and avoid the risk of sharing it with an anonymous party.

  • Swift File Compression:

The efficient online tool offers swift, secure, free, and virus free compression in no time. It does not let the users wait for longer to compress a PDF file. Hence, the users can easily reduce the size of multiple files on the online tool to save time and get the work done promptly.

  • Efficient File Shrinking:

Getting the file compression below 100 kb is no more a dream now! The most popular feature of the software includes the safe and quick shrinking of PDF file size under 100 kb. Hence, the user can easily enjoy the services of the online tool to Compress PDF file. The user gets the flexibility for getting an output file with desired size and quality.

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