Nintendo Switch users will be able to program and create their own video games starting in June with Game Builder Garage


With Nintendo Lab Nintendo Switch users can unleash their imaginations with Workshop and create their own creations. Nintendo wanted to take the same idea and take it a little further with its video game it just announced under the name Garage builder game.

The title would be a kind of tutorial that any Nintendo Switch user could use Create your own games in a really easy way. In a few very simple steps, children, adults or people of any age will be able to take control and create whatever they want.

In the presentation video, it is explained how the proposal works perfectly. You should Connect some colorful creatures named Nodon That will be assigned specific orders. To do this, you can choose from dozens of different elements, each with their own functions that will transport characters or create blocks on stage, for example.

This is exactly where everyone’s imagination comes in when giving life to platform levels, kart races, battles between spaceships, or whatever comes to mind for everyone, plus all of this is accompanied by Lessons for learning the basics and all possibilities In a very fun way, with a click of a button, you can switch from the programming screen to the game screen to check the results.

Garage Building Game 02

However, if someone isn’t good at all, this part can Download the creations of friends or anyone else in the world Or examine how it’s programmed to get ideas. As for the controls, everything will be done with Joy-Con, but the game will also be compatible with mice that connect to the console’s USB port.

Garage builder game It will be released on the Nintendo Switch on June 11 EShop, € 29.99.

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