Pablo Milad declared that they would insist on the “Byron Castillo affair”: “We will continue under one conviction, which is to denounce what is not true.”


President of the National Football Association (ANFP), Paul MiladHe confirmed that the Chilean Football Association (FFCh) will insist on his complaint against the footballer Byron Castillothrough appeal to FIFA and if necessary, go to TAS.

Remember, the football governing body rejected the national complaint against the Barcelona player from Guayaquil, who is accused of being Colombian and not Ecuadorean, the team he defended during the Qatar 2022 qualifiers. So Chile demands that three points be deducted from the trio for each game Castillo played and that they be awarded to the teams he faced . In the hypothetical case of accepting the national application, La Roja will attend the World Cup live.

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The lawyer representing the Chilean-Brazilian case Eduardo CarlizzoHe maintains hope that FIFA’s decision will be reversed. “Analysing the historical record of the Appeals Committee, in most cases the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee are supported. But in this judgment I see one of the greatest injustices I have ever seen as a lawyer. We can lose, but it is a grave injustice.”

It is Pablo Milad’s turn today to talk about the steps that the union will take in this case. “We are in a normal process which is the appeal, we continue with a normal line that we must follow to the end because the evidence is eloquent, no matter what FIFA says. We will continue under the denunciation, which is to denounce what is not true.”

The International Football Association also demands the exclusion of Ecuador from FIFA and the non-conflict in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers to be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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