The rise and fall of Cruz Azul to open 2022

The rise and fall of Cruz Azul to open 2022

Juan Reynuso’s reign is over in Cruz AzulAfter winning the championship, the “machine” has entered a downward spiral that she wants to get out of for Opening 2022 And a new sports project.

Unfortunately, the cement plant’s problems with the clapboard did not go away and although it did not directly affect the team, If it has too much weight for the team to deal with all legal issues that the institution has.

You already know the way to win the championship is that, in recent tournaments, they tried to keep the team that won the championship about a year ago, but They were not responsible for looking for a quality-scoring alternative to “Cabecita” Rodríguez.

The absence of the scorer was Cruz Azul’s main problem after the departure of Uruguay and This lack of goals was the reason why he was unable to advance in the playoffs and tournaments. who quarreled

but with Diego Aguirre, Head of the Sports Project, hope to bring a fundamental change in the actions of Cruz Azul.. DT is experienced and has proven to be a good strategist, but the reinforcements are those that lacked the “machine”, at least, the assignments that come to solve the problems.

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The rise and fall of Cruz Azul to open 2022


Diego Aguirre is the only sure addition at the moment, how good football is to say: “A good team is built from back to front” and with the arrival of DT, Squad changes are expected, as well as the arrival of new players.

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John Renoso she was It was rejected as a DT by Cruz Azul For bad results and not achieving another Liga MX Championship, but mainly because the team is no longer going as expected by the board of directors and the technical staff, in addition to having faced some internal problems with football players.

Adrian Alderet He terminated his contract with Cruz Azul and became first victim Team official when signing with Pumas. They also left the team Pablo Aguilar, Romulo Otero and “Quick” Mendoza

Juan Renoso exited from Cruz Azul
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player or manager condition
John Renoso short The Peruvian terminated the contract and there was no agreement to renew it
Diego Aguirre high Uruguay is the new helmsman, La Maquina
Paul Aguilar short The defender has terminated his contract and is no longer traveling to pre-season
Adrian Alderet short His contract had expired and there was no agreement to renew, so he did not travel until the pre-season; His future in Pumas
Romulo Otero short He’s another player who’s out of contract and he’s not making plans
Luis Angel Mendoza short Kwik was part of Cruz Azul, although it was on loan; Duration of the contract

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