Piojo Herrera denies US being Concacaf’s new giant: ‘They would have gone to the World Cup’


Miguel Herrera denied that the United States The new CONCACAF giant was: “If they were, they would have gone to the World Cup”And announce technician tiger club.

strategic UANL He was strong when asked about Football team in the United States; Because after the recent results, many have called it the new giant CONCACAF.

However, the Miguel Herrera I categorized this as a bug, Well, he mentioned that if that was the case, the Stars and Stripes would have come to Los Angeles 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

“(The loss) was a slab, I disagree with everything they’ve learned that (the United States) is the new giant, the new giant, no, because if it was they would have gone to the last World Cup and still haven’t gone, they’re still in the process of qualifying, The three of them fight, the US, Mexico and Canada; when they win you and you go to the World Cup and you don’t go, then yeah,” he told TUDN.

Martino’s nanny (Adrián Macías / Mexsport / Mexico)

Miguel Herrera with Gerardo Martino at the helm of the Mexican soccer team

however, Miguel Herrera performance appraisal Martino’s nanny in the national team because, despite his assertion that he lacks determination, United State He wasn’t superior in level but they took advantage of his domestic status.

“I think we lack resolve, the parties were in the United States, the three who lost … two for simple reasons: the economic part. They take advantage of their one hundred percent local situation, and they take you to where there are very few Mexicans, where the situation is very hostile. For you, that’s right in qualifying and I think Mexico was missing out there.”

It must be remembered that Mexico fell in the last matches against it United State On the octagonal direction to Qatar 2022, So they hope to recover from that heavy blow.

Miguel Herrera, DT from Tigres Club (Jorge Martinez / Jorge Martinez)

Miguel Herrera at the helm of the Tigres Club

The cats did not have the expected move in Opening 2021 Because they were eliminated by Lion in the semi-finals.

However, the board satisfied Miguel Herrera In command and Antonio Sancho, The sports director of the team confirmed that despite the ups and downs, the team’s level is good.

“We knew that going from one way to play wasn’t going to be that easy, for many years we’ve been playing something and now it’s changing. We’ve had normal ups and downs and the team has been on the rise, the team has been better.”

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