Pique keeps Barcelona alive in the Champions League

Pique keeps Barcelona alive in the Champions League

Goal Effects Gave in the first part victory minimum Barcelona Kiss Dynamo Kiev (1-0) and keeps Barcelona alive in Champions Leaguee, where he got first points In a match that deserved to win, despite her brilliance in another match, more than secrecy.

Barcelona was far superior to the young Lucescu team, and was unable to put Ter Stegen in trouble, but he managed to stay with options to register at the Camp Nou until the end and was gaining confidence with the Catalan team, and the lack of spark and resources, he allowed himself to be invaded by boredom until he hit his fans.

Koeman again chose Dest as a right winger in 4-3-3 as he succeeded in the attempt against Valencia, but this time he had American Memphis and Luke de Jong as partners in the offensive trident instead of Ansu Fati, which is more than notable. The difference compared to the last league match.

However, Young had two chances to put his team ahead in the first half. First, he inexplicably headed the ball when he was alone in front of Pushchan. Soon, the Dynamo goalkeeper flew to the left post to deflect a shot off the edge of the Dutch striker.

Dest also had two clear chances to beat the Ukrainian side: a very obligatory header in the first play of the match and a close-range shot that Buchan covered to block the goal.

Almost all of the goal plays originated from the boots of Jordi Alba, whose crosses from the left wing became Barcelona’s only resource for making some football before the break.

It was already half an hour into the match and Koeman began to lose patience with his team’s lack of a goal. So he invited Ansu Fati and Coutinho to warm up to the cheers of the Camp Nou.

But just barely both of them started running the band when Pique seemed to be done, threw himself on the ground and violently contacted the right, another Alba center at the back of the net.

That allowed Azulgrana to leave with a first-half advantage against a young Dynamo who was so demanding on overlooked balls, who spent the match shorting balls to stay afloat and couldn’t approach the opposing goal with danger, not even shyly. .

Koeman brought in Ansu Fati for Luuk de Jong and Countinho instead of Mingueza, dragging Dest to the side. Barcelona already had their two best men on the field against Valencia, but that was only noticeable at the start of the second half.

Ansu, one of those few players who appears to be influenced by a magic wand, created Barcelona’s first serious game out of nowhere after the break.

The Hispanic Guinean player pressured Buchan out, resulting in a goalkeeper error that would have ended the ball in Memphis’ boot. This, from the ground, was transferred to the new ’10’ from Barcelona, ​​who will try to beat the Dynamo goalkeeper in a wheelie, with his back to the frame, who could not find the visiting door.

Continho would prove it too with a few high shots, but that’s where the influx of home attack ended in the second half. The Ukrainian team, becoming increasingly better on the field, tried to the end and made Barcelona fall back in several quick transfers. However, he was unable to shoot between the three sticks throughout the match.

This saved Barcelona, ​​who did not ask for the time in the end, but the Camp Nou whistles, who could not even be consoled by Aguero’s entry into the final stage. That is, with the universe in the field, nothing happened that the stands could remember.

With information from EFE

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