Play your voice messages without blue popcorn

Play your voice messages without blue popcorn

One of the most popular messaging apps is The WhatsApp One of his most popular tools Blue popcorn double check. Those that tell you when the other person has actually read or listened to your voice message, and while there is a way to read what they are writing to you without them knowing, the truth is that when it comes to voice it is much more difficult to hide than you may have heard.

This is because there are tricks to turning off blue popcorn when it comes to texting. But when it is a voice or a voice message, this does not happen. That’s why we’ll tell you a trick so you can do it Listen to audios on WhatsApp without notifying the other person’s popcorn.

How can I play voice messages without blue check marks?

When you activate the blue popcorn function and want to listen to the audio without the other person realizing, it is possible to forward the audio to your group chat with the same number and open it there.

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Create a one-person group

One option is to create a group in which you are on your own. For example, you tell a trusted friend or contact that you will put them in a group but will remove them once the chat is created. Once the group is created, you can delete the other contact and forward the voice messages that you will hear.

This is done because in some versions of WhatsApp you cannot forward messages to yourself. Now you know this simple option to play audios without being noticed by the person sending it, and without the need for external applications, you can keep your privacy even more.

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