Pokémon Unite: How to get Zeraora for free


pokemon unite land in Nintendo Switch. MOBA based on the legendary license offers its followers a new free video game. In it you will fight by controlling your favorite Pokemon 5 vs 5 fighting. As part of the promotion, we tell you how you can get a new face of your inventory for free.

How to get free Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

Zeraora It is the unique Pokémon that has been chosen to be part of its launch promotion. You can get it at no additional cost Simply by logging into the game before August 31, 2021. That is, after downloading it, complete the registration and tutorials and as soon as you get to the main menu, it will appear.

This is a unique pokemon electric type It is fast as lightning, so it can turn and attack its opponents in the blink of an eye, inflicting great damage on them,” the officials explained on the official website. “The Unite Move enables it to release a very powerful electrical discharge that generates a region of plasma around it.”

This widget is dedicated to the Nintendo Switch community. So, players who want to join on iOS and Android devices You should look forward to the upcoming dates. We know that Zeraora will also be available for free, but it won’t be part of the hybrid console’s confirmed limited framework.

There is an optional way to add it to mobile phones if you received it on your Nintendo Switch. If you are logged in with the same Nintendo or Pokémon Trainer Club account You will be able to pass the data, so your progress will be preserved no matter where you want to play it at the moment. This functionality will come later, in addition to the one for mobile phones.

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