PS5 update fixes PS4 game issue

PS5 update fixes PS4 game issue

something for my users Play Station With the current generation of consoles is the possibility of a backwards compatibility with Playstation 4, so they can save their old console and now use all their previous games at the highest possible performance. However, not all of them have been reported to work very well, one being an inevitable classic.

This is a surprise to many. shadow of the Colossus, Being a remake has been developed blue dotFor a few years now, this has led to debates between fans of the original version or those who are open to changes. The thing to highlight is that it wasn’t working very well PS5with errors loading the decoration and more items on the screen.

However, recently all this has been fixed, because in the new update of the device, things have been corrected, so now the title should work as perfectly as possible. At least that’s what has been discussed in various forums reddit where they talked about how badly the title was optimized to be played PS5.

Shadow of the Colossus is finally fixed on PS5! (low resolution texture error)
by u/almutama90 in PS5

Remember that shadow of the Colossus available at Playstation 4 And you can run PS5.

via: reddit


Editor’s note: I originally played this game on PS4, but I don’t own it itself because it was loaned to me years ago. So this would be the perfect time to buy it physically and reunite with The Last Guardian.

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