Puerto Rico withdraws its candidacy for the 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games


SAN JUAN, April 30 (EFE) – Puerto Rico on Friday withdrew its candidacy for the 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games because it was unsure about completing the $ 70.5 million budget to host the competition.

The announcement was made at a press conference by the President of the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico (CUPOR), Sarah Rosario, with the support of the Sports and Recreation Department-Designated Secretary Ray Quinones, and the Secretary General of the 2010 Foundation, Jorge Sousa. .

“I am sure we did the right thing. We will not stop dreaming. We always envision the project as an economic investment. We have done everything possible and impossible until the project is implemented,” Rosario said.

The decision was made in a meeting with the COPUR Executive Committee in the wee hours of the morning before the deadline set by the Centro Caribe Sports Futures Commission to complete certain requirements to keep a venue nomination valid for the event. Regional gallery.

Some of these requirements are budget guarantee for the implementation of the JCC, visa guarantee for all participating delegations (especially the Cuban delegation), the definition of covid-19 protocols, details of the cruises that will accommodate the athletes, the amount that the National Olympic Committees will pay for the participation of their delegations and the possibility of adapting the facilities for the sport of tennis.

Cobor is reflected in the uncertainty about whether federal funds and time can be used to complete the estimated budget of $ 70.5 million for logistics use.

Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight Board has approved $ 50 million subject to federal funds, avoiding spending from the government’s General Budget Fund and administered by the Office of Management and Budget.

“It is unfortunate that we cannot implement our project,” Rosario added, noting that this is the fourth time that Puerto Rico is the headquarters of the Joint Coordination Committee and that the city of Mayaguez, in the west of the island, organized this event for the second time, after 2010.

Rosario, in turn, thanked the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierloesi, and his government “for working hand in hand with us”, as well as the council “for their belief in and endorsement of the project.”

Rosario also thanked “our people who are passionate about games”, the national federations and the athletes who were happy.

“For them, we will continue to work so that the sport continues forward,” Rosario assured.

On his part, Quinones thanked Governor Pierluesi and the rest of his cabinet for their support.

“Since I started working as a secretary, we have been ready to do the best for sport. Unfortunately we are giving this news. We will continue to work with Cobor for the sake of sport,” he said.

Puerto Rico was in competition with San Salvador, which hosted this competition in 1935 and 2002.

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