Pumas confirmed four new positive cases of COVID-19

Pumas reports four new cases of COVID-19 (Image: Twitter/PumasMX)

The National University Club نادي And they announced, through a statement, that they presented within the men’s team Four new cases of COVID-19. The team reported, that it is One player and three other people are part of the coaching staff. All already comply with the established isolation protocol.

“Our four members have already done it They are isolated “According to the indications of the medical body, they are under observation to follow their development,” the document stated.

that’s it The first cases that arise Since the Cat squad is back in training to start pre-season so they should يجب Take extreme precautions. At the beginning of July, the Auriazules had several scheduled engagements, and they were both amicable. The first will be by Santos Laguna and the other against the current league champions, blue cross; The above as part of their preparation for next season.

Vaccination in Mexico against COVID-19 It continues to progress, and although the dose has not yet reached the majority of the population, it has already been possible to protect first line of health, Some elementary business الأعمال in the structure of the country, Older than 60 years The campaign continues with adults between 40 and 59 years old.

Official statement in which Pumas announced positive cases of COVID-19 (Image: Twitter- @Pumasmx)
Official statement in which Pumas announced positive cases of COVID-19 (Image: Twitter- @Pumasmx)

What is more, La Liga BBVA MX I mentioned that it is infected COVID-19 It has been reduced a 72% After strengthening health protocols from the past January 21. The number of tests for early detection of the disease has also been increased to avoid further infections.

Head must remember that Liga MX, Mikel AreolaHe noted that given the obstacle they face as a private sector in obtaining a vaccine against Covid-19 and applying it to all those who make up Mexican football, Supports the club initiative to seek the application of doses in the United States.

As the weeks passed, some teams moved towards this option Protect all its members and put up let’s do it. Meanwhile, other football players have received the first dose for their possible participation in the upcoming Olympic Games.

scratch was First team From Liga MX who got the vaccine. The team led by Javier Aguirre traveled to Houston for receive the dose. While UANL members Tigres, Nahuel Guzmán and Guido Pizarro . were They also traveled to the neighboring country to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Texas.

Pumas prepare for friendlies in July (Photo: Moisés Pablo/Cuartoscuro)
Pumas prepare for friendlies in July (Photo: Moisés Pablo/Cuartoscuro)

Similarly, the players of Azulcrimas: Henry Martin, Guillermo Ochoa, Sebastian Cordova and Jorge Sanchez I received the The first dose of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V Against SARS-Cov-2 in the CNAR of Conade as it appears in the preliminary roster of mexican national team that will compete in the next Olympics.

It must be remembered that the Government of Mexico considered the athletes representing Mexico in Olympic competition as Priority group with medical staff to compete in Tokyo, although it does not guarantee that they will be called up by Jaime Lozano. much Ochoa and Martin will enter as reinforcements.

As happened with the American players, Roberto Alvarado, Sebastian Jurado, Santiago Jimenez, Luis Romo and Urbelín Pineda They received the first dose as it happens with the rest of the Olympic athletes. Romo and Pineda will also be reinforcements, if the youth team coach considers them that way.

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