Pumas won 7 again in Dubai and added five titles in their preparations for the Olympics


Bomas 7 Celebrate a new title on the way to prepare for the great 2021 goal. And they are going to join them in Tokyo Olympics 2020, The team that leads Santiago Gomez Cora Participated in a new issue of Emirates to call In Dubai and The champ is dedicated after beating Canada 26-19 in the final.

On their way to the final, the Argentine seventh rugby team kicked off their first day of activity A landslide victory over Chile 41-0 Then another victory followed, this time before Japan (28-10). In the second round on Thursday that was when the Argentine lost their only match in the tournament and so far this year: They fell 21-19 against France Although attempts Santiago Alvarez Forcade, Lautaro Bazan Felice, and Matthias Osadchuk.

With this fall, Los Pumas remained 7 second in the red group and had to play against the Spanish team in the Champions League quarter-finals. UAE call aThat happened in Dubai. Thanks to the attempts of Santiago Marie, Lotaro Bazan Feliz and Lucio Cente, on two occasions, Argentina beat Iberia 24-12 to qualify for the semi-finals.

In this case, the opponent was Chile and, as it happened on Day One, Gomez Cora’s team once again showed their superiority in winning the pass to define the competition thanks to a match that was close to perfection. she was 40-7 against the Andes Cross With the points they added Ignacio Mendy, Rodrigo Isgro, Lotaro Bazan Feliz twice, Lucio Cente and Franco Sabato, One of the strongholds of the Albiceleste team.

Marcus Monetta, Los Pumas character 7 in the final against Canada in Dubai (ScrumESPN)

Indeed in the final, the match was more balanced thanks to the great performance of Marcus Monetta, Author of three of the team’s four attempts, that the national team won and celebrated their fifth title in preparation for competition in their second Olympic participation after the premiere five years ago in Rio 2016.

“We were looking for low to high competition to get more and more demands in front of us and we have met the game goals. We are left very satisfied. We just had our first loss of the year, and it was also nice to see how we recovered.” From here to the games we have a lot of optimism, and we know there is a long way to go but we are through the journey in a great way.The words of the Pumas coach were 7 after the victory over Canada.

Thanks to this new title, The national team won five championships in a row if we count the dedication in the seventh rugby championship in South America that was held in December of last year. In Valparaiso, Chile. There, they beat Brazil in the final. Already in 2021, Pumas 7 won the two championships held in Madrid: in the first they beat Kenya in the definition and in the second edition of the event, they defeated the African team again.

A week ago, Pumas 7 was crowned in the first Dubai Sevens competition after beating France 19-7 in the final. The tournament’s development included victories against Uganda, Japan and Canada on the first day, and on the day of selections, the Argentines beat Chile in the quarter-finals, Japan in the semi-finals, and the French in the decisive match in the tournament.

Argentina's seventh rugby team clinches their fifth consecutive title on their way to Tokyo 2020 (ScrumESPN)
Argentina’s seventh rugby team clinches their fifth consecutive title on their way to Tokyo 2020 (ScrumESPN)

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