Real Madrid: Mbappe sets a condition: to be in the Paris Olympics by contract


Kylian Mbappe Take the last step, before signing his next contract, either with real Madrid from next or with Paris Saint-Germainwho insists on renewing it. Through a letter in which he made it clear that he did not want to lose JJOO from Pars, yes city in 2024, Already sent the message to my browser.

but his mother Fayza Al-Amariin the interview who gave it to readers parisian, He made it clear when they asked him how he would ensure that his son would fulfill his dream of running in the Olympic event in his country, which runs from July 26 to August 11. The mother commented, “This will be written into his contract. After that, they will have to choose him. The games are held in his hometown. PSG is not against letting him go.”

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Mapp’s family has already maintained their differences with him Paris Saint-Germain By not letting him argue in the end Tokyo Games. “They cut the grass under my feet,” the attacker commented in a clear message to his commanders.

So both PSG, if you want to sign Mbappe, and Madrid, you already know One of Kilian’s main requirements is to seal the signature. For the clubs, this is a serious setback, given that the calendar is already full, and that there is a European Championship that summer before it takes place in Germany between June and July.

In the message posted by Mbabbe the team Last Wednesday, the player explains his reasons for not giving up on his dream. “When you see what the French teams have achieved…we won in handball, we reached the basketball finals against the United States… I hope to live that and do the same in 2024 with a team that brings together the best players at the moment.”

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Mbabbe explains When I realized the global scope of the tournament, barely 13 years old, in JJOO from London: “At that moment I said to myself: I also want to be there. I want to try the Paris Games.”

“I must have been 13 years old, still very young, and I remember the hours leading up to the competition in London. I was very impatient. Before every NBA game, with LeBron (James), Kobe (Bryant). I wanted to see how Usain Bolt got us onto the athletics track in the 100m and 200m.”

He also followed many other sports, obviously football with Brazil Neymar, who was defeated in the final against Mexico, and Nye, very disappointed, said that he wants to win after 4 years, in Roux, in his city. That’s when I told myself I wanted to be there too. I want to try paris games. It is a very strong feeling for me, as if I were to take part in this great celebration in my city, in my country, a hundred years after the last competition in France.” (JJOO Pars 1924).

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