The Argentine delegation has arrived in Ibagué to participate in the World Figure Skating Championships


Ibagué continues to open its doors to the various teams that will be part of the “2021 Speed ​​Skating World Championships”, which will take place from November 6 to 13 in the city. So the Argentine delegation arrived in the city in the last hours.

After passing through Cartagena, where he made the preparations, the group of seven skaters dreamed of playing their best part in the World Cup, and for this, they allied themselves with all the guarantees to shine in this land of Tolima.

The main idea of ​​choosing the capital of Bolivar, as a training route, was: “Take advantage of the tracks that are in Colombia, because they are very good and in Argentina we do not have, (…) Rosana Sastre, coach, said, “The country has made a great effort so that we can stay here. “.

Regarding the potential of the host, El Gaucho stressed that the technique and strength are enviable, and as a result of these details, the national team is a leader and a reference in the world.

“We have seen the process over many years, and all the countries that participate in this sport, we know that Colombia is a strength, and our task is to do our best to be able to climb to the podium,” he stressed.

With Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic and Australia confirmed, 38 countries will participate in the competition, which also includes: Germany, Uganda, Congo, Iran and India.

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