Reggie thinks Nintendo needs to add GameCube and Wii games to switch more than just a new mini console

We bring more interesting data from Reggie Phils im. Remember, this is the former president of Nintendo of America, who has now confirmed the news.

Specifically, on this occasion we were able to find out what Reggie thinks of More classics arrive: Not seeing a new mini-console clearly, but the arrival of GameCube and Wii titles on Switch. This is what he shared with him cnet:

to return to [una consola mini]? Will there be other physical boxes with outdated content? I don “t think so. If I go back to Nintendo for a day, I’ll be more focused on: How does the company take advantage of all of its great content, and deliver it to the consumer through the online Nintendo experience? What they’re doing is… they’re putting out some N64 content, and they’re working with other platform owners to get some of that old content out.

But this is where the opportunity lies. Nintendo still has more N64 content to take advantage of. They have GameCube content to tap into, and they have Wii content. I see this future of content being delivered digitally to you, the consumer, as this burgeoning opportunity that I would like to continue to embrace.

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