Resistant to fire and high temperatures

Resistant to fire and high temperatures

The Floors They are of vital importance to the environment, as vegetation has been shown to help control and regulate the climate. Due to the thinner ozone layer, sunlight penetrates the Earth more intensely, causing natural disasters such as forest fires. Luckily, The succulents can withstand high temperatures and prevent fires. We tell you more about it.

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Succulents are plants that are resistant to high temperatures

In some forests or hot places with highly flammable vegetation, such as the forests of California or Australia, choose Plant animals that help prevent wildfires. Some of them think that succulents and cacti They are perfect for this.

succulents photo: file.

The succulents They are made up almost entirely of water, because they store large amounts of this liquid in their leaves. This makes them small objects or flammable objects.

That is why it is believed that the berries of this type of plant can prevent the spread of wildfires, because unlike the palm tree or eucalyptus, these plants usually do not burn easily.

Although there A variety of succulentsWe’d like to talk to you about two suitable ones for this.

blue balm
Blue balm. Photo: Instagram

Sensio Blue Balm

This plant receives the scientific name Kleinia mandraliscae. It is a species native to South Africa and because of its place of origin it is ideal for hot climates, ideal for outdoor and semi-shade locations. So if you live in a place with high temperatures, this plant is for you.

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Abundance tree
Abundance tree. Photo: Instagram

Abundance tree

If you want a plant that will help refresh your home or decorate your garden, then the abundance of the tree is perfect for you, in addition, this species tolerates sunlight well and attracts abundance.

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