Roy Barbosa is ranked ninth in the US GNC


a An irritating and annoying allergy Chilean pilot banned Roy Barbosa (Phoenix Racing Honda) He could do well during the sixth US tournament deadline Moto Enduro Grand National Cross Country (GNCC), Contested at the Ironman Racetrack in Indiana.

National Athlete Achieved 9th place in the WC2 category of 250cc motorcycle, With three hours, 26 minutes, 29 seconds, and 210pps, you cross the finish line in poor physical condition for a while The drought he suffered in his eight laps on a 17,699 meter circuitHe had barely completed 141,592 kilometers of the test.

“I was about to give up because of how bad I felt throughout the race. Last night I had an allergy that I couldn’t contain. I slept terribly and woke up with little energy. But I was already here, so I gave myself the courage to leave. In the first three laps, I was close to the leaders, 20 seconds, and the seventh, but from the fourth I started to feel bad, however, I stuck to the end, ”Barbosa commented at the end of the engagement.

the proof Won by American Jonathan Girouard (gas)The current leader of the tournament, at 3 hours 9 minutes and 13 seconds at 607 ppt, followed by his fellow countrymen. Michael Whitkowski (Yamaha) s Cody Barnes (Honda).

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