Roy Barbosa was less than five seconds from the podium in the United States


Just four and a half seconds (4 ”57 ppt) Chilean Rui Barbosa missed (Phoenix Racing Honda) reaches its first podium at the Enduro Motorcycle Championship of America (GNCC), Also, 2 minutes and 25 seconds remain from the winner on the 5th date To the Queen on the East Coast of the United States.

It was a fierce battle fought by the 22-year-old trying to reach the podium, He lacked meters and minutes to score after racing in sunshine and humidity amidst circuit forests totaling 96,540 kilometers.

The winner of the three-hour non-stop race was the American Jonathan Gerwier, captain of the tournament, at 2 hours 56 minutes 17 seconds, 779 ppt. His countrymen Craig DeLong took him on the podium with 2: 57’24 “219 and Thorne Delphine with 2: 58’42” 714. Chilean Honda scored 2: 58’47 “257.

I was very close, but I lacked time. I knew I had a choice on the podium because I had prepared well to be among the best in this tournament. That is why I am participating in the parallel championship (Middle East), where I finished second and firstSaid Barbosa, who had a 10-minute difference from the first in the first rounds. This time it was just over two minutes on his 250cc bike.

Roy Barbosa will participate in the American championship, accompanied by mechanic Luciano Villavicencio, Who, along with the Phoenix Racing Honda Team members, modified the Honda CRF 250 RX 2021 motorcycle.

“With Villavicencio we have done a great job so far,” said the pilot, who qualified for 12th place. “We have developed the machine little by little, also with the supervision of the team.” Moreover, Benjamín Herrera is ranked nineteenth, which has achieved tenth place in its class (XC1) for motorcycles weighing up to 450 cc.

A Phoenix Racing Honda representative and hundreds of riders of various classes circled the 16,090-meter circuit for six laps on dirt roads and tracks in the middle of forests, with various stream crosses and natural obstacles, as Barbosa made no major mistakes.

The next date for the sixth North American Championship will be on May 1 and 2 Ironman Raceway, Crawfordsville, Indiana.

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