Ruti welcomes Jose Maria “Chico” Garrido after his completion on the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail

Ruti welcomes Jose Maria “Chico” Garrido after his completion on the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail

There are names that do not do justice to those who are appointed. In case Jose Maria Garrido “Chico” Fit this profile. Because his business in the world of sports is growing and growing. The last movie he just starred in his places based on his own merits A privileged position in sports in Root. During the last weekend of August, take part in Mont Blanc Ultra Trailone of the toughest, most demanding and therefore most prestigious tests on the international racing circuit. hill racing. The routine runner just didn’t complete 171 km Who is this challenge that he is going through? Italy, Switzerland and Francewith The cumulative difference in altitude is more than ten thousand meters.

The mere fact of the termination would already be noticeable, but Chico did that too With a time of 26 hours 37 minutes and 8 seconds. This allowed him to stay in 60th overall and 20th in its category. On the other hand, it has been Fourth Spanish and second in its category at the national level. His performance data confirm that he rubs elbows with the best, with professionals who devote themselves exclusively to training. Instead of that , As an amateur runner, he searches for hours in his spare timeAfter hard work every day. Hence the double credit for what he did.

Chico distinguishes between mountain racing and asphalt racing to choose whether to compete with a group Hachu Trail Club or one Root Athletics Club. He is also a member of rotino cycling club. His exceptional performance at Mont Blanc rallied the officials of the three clubs and their coach, Manuel Sanchez. Together, prepare a file Welcome surprise in the housewhich ended up becoming a recognition for what he just did and for remarkably representing his people at the international level.

for Michelangelo sleevesChief Hacho, It is “a pride for the club and for the people”. You have such a partner. Daniel Perez, his counterpart from the Ruteño Cycling Club, acknowledged the passion with which racing was developed on networks and in live broadcasts by the organization itself. for this part, Francisco Carmonapresident of the Root Athletics Club, agrees with the pride it takes to have someone who, in short, Root name grows up.

The protagonist, although generally satisfied, regrets not reaching the goal of completion in 25 hours. Some discomfort in the last section prevented him from having a better time. Chico has had racing in his head since before the pandemic, but according to Sanchez, Specific preparatory work lasted for 23 weeks. It did not differ excessively from another Ultra test; Only, in the so-called “volume cycles”, more hours were included in the mountains. More importantly, he thinks it’s Chico’s “baggage” as a runner. With your feet on the ground, admit it He does not think of any other profession, but “rest and return to work”.

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