Santa Ursula neighbors use FIFA visit to protest


Santa Ursula’s neighbors are using FIFA’s visit to the Azteca stadium to demonstrate against the construction of the 2026 real estate project.

World football’s governing body is conducting a public examination in Mexico City, one of 17 sites vying to be among the 13 finalists that will host the competition.

“There is so much saturation of services that such density of homes, offices and shopping centers cannot be built in this saturated area.

“If implemented, the original neighbors will face this shortage, and we will have to further reduce water, sanitation, roads and security services,” said Natalia Lara, one of the neighbors.

Those who do not agree with the real estate project argue that their needs were not taken into account when the authorities endorsed the massive development consisting of shopping centers and housing.

“Water is for the people, not for Televisa. The residents of Santa Ursula shouted, Yes water, project no.

Inside the Azteca Stadium, FIFA checks that the guidelines have been met. It is estimated that the 13 finalists for the US-Canada-Mexico joint bid will be published in the first quarter of 2022 or at the latest in the second quarter.

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