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Serperior He gained great fame in Pokemon GO With Snivy’s Community Day and their new Fierce Plant movement. That is why, here we present you a new guide with the best collection of moves for this Pokemon.

First of all, we must highlight These dates:

  • Serperior could reach a peak CP at 2,574 at 50 and 2,277 at 40
  • His stats are fairly modest, with 161 attacks, 204 defenses and 181 stamina.

Regarding Their movementsWe highlight the following:

  • Before the arrival of a ferocious plant, the most recommended is Strain Whip and Lasso Grass for increased speed and damage or Iron Tail and Lasso Grass for use as defensive Pokemon. Leaf hurricane is less harmful.
  • Air Strike can be useful in a PvP battle as a charged move against another grass-type Pokemon. This basic combo delivers to players around 12.8 damage per second without a hard hit.
  • However, Dotsports does not recommend these Pokemon:

It has poor overall stats, is a shallow moving group, and is outdone by Grass-type Pokemon without even taking the dual types into account.

As for the Super Ball League, you can benefit from using Serperior in your team if you don’t have better options, as Water-type Pokémon tend to be very popular. However, once you reach the infested Steel and Dragon Lands in the Ultra and Master Ball tournaments, you should probably search for better options.

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