The secret trick so no one knows who you’re talking to


The WhatsApp Not only because it has an app for iPhone or Android devices. You can also use it from your laptop or desktop computer through Whatsapp Web. This way you can comfortably chat and send GIFs, videos, and photos with a full keyboard and a large screen.

It is a very useful way to have more comfortable conversations and chatting without the need to always do so from the mobile device. However, this also means that in some cases, we lose our privacy.

When we are having our conversations on a large screen, especially on a desktop computer, it is impossible to hide them if someone sits next to us or passes behind us. They can easily see the content of your conversations.

But with this secret trick to Increase your privacy And that you can have quiet conversations without worrying about third parties seeing them.

The trick to hide your conversations on WhatsApp Web

The trick is to download and use an extension designed for Google ChromeYou will likely use it Whatsapp Web With this browser, it is the most popular today. Follow the following steps:

  1. arrive to Chrome Web Store, Where the required extension is available WA Web Plus.
  2. You have to click on the “Add to Chrome” button, which will install.
  3. Once installed, a new icon will appear next to the address bar with a “+” inside a circle.
  4. Once installed, enter WhatsApp Web from the browser.
  5. Click on the «icon+” from WA Web Plus. A menu will appear where you can apply various improvements.
  6. The extension is in English, but the configuration is easy: just activate: “blur recent messages”, “blur contact names” and “blur contact photos”.

That way, when it opens Whatsapp Web, Your messages, contact names and your contact pictures will appear blurry thus preserving your privacy. Even if the page is open in full screen mode.

More tricks and secrets

This is one of the many tricks and secrets to use The WhatsApp. We recommend several other apps that will be really useful, save you time and with which you will learn how to better use the world’s most popular messaging app:

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