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Social networking is one of the inventions that has helped society get the most out of it. Able to quickly and directly connect with anyone with an internet connection, social networks allow you to talk directly to the president of Mexico or the United States or your favorite rock star, and if our connections are strong enough and smart enough, that president or a music star could rockers read us and answer us; Something that simply and simply would not have happened at another time.

Social networks have also democratized technology for the benefit of society. In the virtual world of social networks, it doesn’t really matter who you are, you have the same chance of being heard as the richest or poorest social network, what matters is the versatility and strength of the message you’re sending. rulers? The audience, the billions of followers on social networks are what make the content massive and popular, or not.

This great invention cannot be perfect, and of course it has its weak side; It was so easy to get connected to social networks and reach so many people and be able to sell products that we simply put aside more traditional paths and for many people and companies relying on networks has become more of a risk.

On October 4, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced a drop in their connections. For more than six hours, billions of people have lost the ability to communicate over these networks. This is normal, technology has its ups and downs, but the dependence on these social networks is so strong that many simply forget that the cell phone was also used to talk or that customers could be off the grid and for almost a whole working day lost orders and sales.

According to a study conducted by Wearesocial, jointly with Hootsuite, it highlights that at the end of 2021 in Mexico, 100 million people are connected to a social network, more than 95 million Mexicans are connected to Facebook and more than 91 million are connected to WhatsApp. Undoubtedly, they are the most prevalent platforms in our country and they “drop” have a huge impact.

This great “blackout” that has been the victim of one of the most important companies in the world, Facebook, has made it clear that many of us don’t have a Plan B in our daily lives, and that talk has slipped away and we have exchanged it with text or voice messages.

That the dependency is so great that we, at least some of us, have forgotten what it means to not receive a WhatsApp message for more than five minutes. Immersed in daily life and the whirlwind of immediacy, we forget that a break is necessary and that enjoyment is required.

* Corporate Communications Manager for LG Mexico

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