Athlete already vaccinated tests positive upon arrival in Japan


Warning at the Olympics. In the absence of a month to celebrate one of the sporting events of the year, A Ugandan Olympic team member tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan. It is the first infection detected in tests for participants already on Japanese soil due to the Olympic event dispute.

The Ugandan team is the second expedition to land in Tokyo for the Olympic Games. Despite the fact that the entire team received two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and tested negative 72 hours before travel, one of them tested positive for the first time after arriving in the Japanese capital.

The Japanese authorities denied the injured athlete’s entry into the country, Sending you to a medical facility to initiate proper isolationAccording to the series information NHK. The rest of the team will also have to start a quarantine.

The presence of the audience in the air

Japanese government spokesperson, Katsunobu KatoThe door to the Olympics dispute has been left without an audience due to the coronavirus pandemic. Cato confirmed this Sunday in an interview that if you find an increase in infections, “The rule of thumb is to take action and treat the Olympics in the same way as other events.”.

In this way, the Japanese executive spokesman He did not rule out the possibility of a further reduction in capacity or even celebration behind closed doors. At the moment, up to 10,000 people are allowed to participate in sporting events in those areas that are not in a state of emergency due to the coronavirus and the Prime Minister, Yoshied Suga, has expressed a desire to hold it with the public.

However, the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Japan has forced representatives International Olympic Committee meet on Monday with The governments of Japan and Tokyo To address the issue of public input. In the absence of a month for the Olympics, the agreed measures are to reduce capacity, ban entry to foreigners and an agreed minimum for vaccination among Olympic delegations, but it could be more in the coming hours.

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