Show tomorrow! Mars and the Moon visible at 100% illumination

Show tomorrow!  Mars and the Moon visible at 100% illumination

Yucatecan astronomer Eddy Ariel Salazar Gamboa reports that next Wednesday, December 7, the moon and Mars will be visible from the Yucatan Peninsula, one of which is the junction of the two.

In this way, the Red Planet would be at perihelion with Earth; predicting that it would be a good astronomical show, “one of the best in December, as long as weather conditions permit.”

He explained that both stars will be in Taurus, so the event will continue throughout the night of next Wednesday 07 and the early morning of Thursday 8 December.

“The moon will rise at 4:57 pm on Wednesday 07 and will set at 5:54 pm on Thursday 08; and he explained that it will be in the plenary or full moon phase at 10:07 am, meaning that it will be 100% illuminated.

For his part, he explained that in the case of Mars, it will appear in the sky at 5:06 pm, and it will set at 6:37 am, being at perihelion, i.e. its closest point to Earth at 0.549 astronomical units. Or 82 million 350 kilometers.

So, astronomy group coordinator Hypatia de Alejandria announced that the Red Planet would be 100% illuminated, so it would have a magnitude of -1.9.

Finally, he described that “as eyewitnesses will be the alignment of the Pleiades, a group of stars from the constellation of Taurus”.

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