This works as a security camera

This works as a security camera

If you have this Amazon smart device at home, not only will it help you to have Alexa at your service, but another function that you can take advantage of the Echo Show from the well-known online store is that you can Used as a security camera. Thanks to the fact that this device comes with a screen, it will act as a monitoring system.

Having a smart speaker in the house is usually a common thing, although with this Amazon option that has a screen, we can add that extra feature. More than anything, because there are so many Uses of the Echo Show, among them, can be used to protect our home. Specifically, everything will be thanks home monitoring function.

Echo Show security feature

One utility that not everyone knows about the Amazon Echo Show is that it can be configured to monitor our home. And all thanks to the tool we found in your system called “Home Surveillance”. With this function, this device will become a surveillance camera that we can access remotely. Although this functionality would not be possible if the plugin was not added. home monitoring (or home monitoring).

With this, the camera that comes with the Amazon Echo Show can be enabled to be used as Security camera, which we can access whenever we want. It is important to know which models are compatible:

  • EchoShow 5.
  • EchoShow 8.
  • Echo Show 10.
  • Echo Show 15.

In addition to taking into account that these will be the compatible models, the truth is that to enjoy this functionality we have to make sure that the Echo Show Install the latest version of the operating system. If not, go to Settings and tap Check for Software Updates.

How to configure

When we already have the latest version of the Amazon Echo Show, we will already have the particular tool available from home monitoring. Therefore, we will have to go to the settings panel by following this series of steps:

  • Tap at the top of the device screen. down gesture.
  • Then press the Settings button.
  • inside the list, Click on the camera.
  • You will then be able to see the “Home Monitoring” option. By clicking on it, you will activate it.
  • Now, you will have to confirm your Alexa account details. will have to put The password for your Amazon account You will need to complete the profile verification process.
  • Finally, tap Done.

Echo Shaw 10 second generation

By the time we have configured the Amazon Echo Show gadget, we will already be able to access its camera. For this, we have to go directly to the Alexa app And select the hardware option. Among its options we will have to go to the cameras icon. This is where we’ll need to locate the Echo Show we just made so we can quickly take a look at its camera.

Even if we have the third generation 10-inch Amazon Echo Show, we can from the app Create a routine To be able to discover a specific person.

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