Six institutional schools participated in the founding match


Training area in Real Madrid Foundation He started a new line of online activity for social sport school technicians around the world, with the goal of being able to exchange experiences between coaches and teachers. It is the foundational match, and it is a space to exchange strategies in implementing the transmission of values ​​through sport. Technicians from schools in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Romania, Kenya, Uganda and Lebanon participated in this course.

The coaches started a very enriching dialogue as experiences and experiences in the process of teaching and learning values ​​were exchanged. Although the reality of each country is very different, the activities can be adapted Establishment It allowed resolving many doubts and creating new challenges for this season.

The first participation of schools from Africa and the Middle East
It was the first time that schools from Africa and the Middle East had participated, and during the season it would continue to be developed as an essential part of the continuing coaching training. The participating schools were developed in cooperation with the Kinetic Foundation in Croydon (UK); Epicentr for Children in Ukraine; FDP Supporters Association in Education in Bucharest (Romania); Anidan Association in Lamu and Sananda Direct Action Corporation in Kapsabet (Kenya); Sisal Association in Kampala (Uganda); The Broaid Association in Rumaila, Lebanon.

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