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The second month of the year says goodbye with a parade in heaven. The film is about “Snow Moon,” and its name comes from the ancient American tribes that used to name each of the full-year moons.

These are the strange names for the full moons every month in 2021

what does your name mean

The reason for its name is that this month was the snowiest month in the Northern Hemisphere, according to Old Farmer’s Calendar. However, February’s full moon is also given other nicknames like ‘Moon is hungryAccording to history, this is due to preventing heavy snowfall The ancient tribes of North America either obtained food from the land or hunted animals.

When can we see it

The moon will appear full for three days from Thursday night to Sunday morning, according to NASA in its message Web portal. However, its maximum point will be on Saturday, February 27, 2021, when the full moon begins at 19:08 (Ecuador time) and maximum illumination will be at 03:17.

If you want to enjoy this moon phase, keep in mind that the area you are in must not be artificially lit, so the city is not a good option to see the brightness of the moon in all its splendor. (I am)

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