So you can move the hearts emoji


The WhatsApp It is constantly updated to provide users with the best quality in terms of instant messaging, so it now allows adding animations every time you send emoji of colorful hearts. This tool is available on WhatsApp web and WhatsApp mobile.

The animation consists of it when you send some emojis to heartRegardless of the color, it will appear larger and begin to shrink. Eye! You must send emoji From the heart alone for you to activate the animation.

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How is the animation activated?

At the moment, the animation is only available in a version The WhatsApp Beta, to be part of the testers of this version of the app you must enter:

To activate the animation, just follow these steps:

  1. Download TestFligth to a file Play Store.
  2. Apply for a job to be a part of WhatsApp beta testers.
  3. Click accept and wait for WhatsApp beta to be installed on your cell phone.
  4. Once installed, simply enter a chat and send any heart emoji.
  5. ready! You can see how the emoji increases in size and pulsates softly.

It is important to know that to be a part of this version of the application there is a very long waiting line, especially if you are an iPhone user, so if you want to start enjoying this update and future updates of The WhatsApp Before anyone else, you should request your place ASAP.

WhatsApp lets you move the heart emoji every time you send it, and here we show you how to do it

Photo: WhatsApp

Other WhatsApp beta updates

Testers are the people who test the new tools that will be in WhatsApp, based on their response, the creators and owners of the application decide if it will be released to the public or if improvements are necessary.

Some functions you can find in this version of Implementation, Son:

  • Delete messages from any member of the group
  • Customize your chat notifications
  • Activate shapes in phonemes

So don’t think twice and be a part of WhatsApp beta.

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