So you can see the statuses of the person who blocked you again


Many people are looking for tricks whast . app To be able to know if the person who blocked you is “online” or simply online. But a tutorial has also been released that allows you to see countries From the contacts who blocked you.

It is very simple and it is only necessary to have it The WhatsApp, but you should also ask your closest friend, and know the person who blocked you, to be able to perform the steps that we will mention below.

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Go back to see the status of the person who blocked you

This trick is quick to do, as long as one of your friends or colleagues is complicit to be able to see countries When you ask:

  • First, you should write to a friend of yours.
  • Then you have to ask your friend to do you a favor Show countries WhatsApp for someone who blocked you.
  • If he agrees, ask him to see only the state.
  • It should click where it says Reply.
  • Once there, they should tag you, so the response will be directed not only to you, but also to the person who blocked you.
  • So you can go back to see the country From the downloaded WhatsApp.

Photo: Pixabay

  • You can also do it another way, you can ask the person doing you a favor for a screenshot.
  • The best thing about this is that unlike Instagram, WhatsApp, at the moment, does not inform whether you have taken a screenshot of the conversation or the status.

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