So you can use the app as a notepad


The WhatsApp It has multiple tools for its two billion users around the world. Given the negative response of Internet users to the change in Privacy policy, which is the most used instant messaging app on the planet, has decided to implement a number of new features and tools.

Among those who stand out the most is invisibility mode and temporary messages. Despite this, this did not stop some people from deciding to migrate to Telegram, the direct competition of The WhatsApp.

As it is known, “Whats” is one of the main means of communication in our daily life, but how can it make our life easier? here we explain How can you use whatsapp as a notepad.

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How can I use WhatsApp as a notepad?

This trick is not known to everyone despite being one of the easiest ways to activate. Although there is a mobile app specifically designed for writing notes or reminders, what better way than using WhatsApp to write our earrings; This way, you can use the app as a notepad:

  • Enter the WhatsApp browser through a search engine
  • Enter the URL “”
  • After italic, enter the phone prefix for your country (in the case of Mexico, it is 52) followed by your cell phone number
  • The URL will look like this: (X represents the phone number)

This will open up a conversation with yourself. You can use this chat to write your notes, pending, reminders and endless tasks to complete.

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