Softball player Dana Vieira Leon will develop her skills in the United States


MAZATLÁN._ Mazatlan softball player Dana Vieira Leon She will take on a new challenge in 2022 when she begins her sports development in United StateWhere he received a sports scholarship.

From a young age, Vieira has been a worthy representative for Mazatlan in multiple events, be it softball or national and international baseball, where she made her mark and to try during 2021 she was awarded a sports scholarship in the neighboring country, which she will be doing more than.

“I feel very happy, it is a very great opportunity they give me, no doubt this has been a great year, it was less heavy, but I loved it so much because I went on more tournaments and thanks to that I got a scholarship.

“It is very important to me for my studies and because it is something I love, I hope to play professional softball in the United States and continue to raise my name,” explained the young woman, who is only 14 years old. .

During July, Viera participated in World Championship From the specialty, he plugged in for 0.642 hits while playing Mexico, after recording nine times in 14 official bouts, in Deer Park Texas, where the tricolor finished in third place.

“The most important thing this year was an event pony leagueIn addition to meeting many people, I had good numbers and helped my team, it was a beautiful experience.

“The hardest thing was that I was away from my family, and being away from home is what cost me the most, but I hope it goes well,” he added.

It will be at the beginning of January when Dana Vieira Leon saves his uniform from Quintero Castaneda LeaguePack your dream bag to take on this new commitment in hopes of fulfilling your dream and establishing yourself in professional softball.

Profile personly

Noun: Dana Sherlyn Vieira Leon

Omar: 14 years

position: player

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