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Version 36 of America responds to El País A very special addition was the Player of the Year award.

Women’s football is growing by leaps and bounds which is why it was understood that female footballers also deserve their place in this prestigious award that highlights the best on the continent.

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Tamiris, the first “Queen of America”

In its first edition, the Queen of America award went to Brazil since he was the winner tamires, Corinthians football player. The 34-year-old experienced defender narrowly prevailed over the Colombian Catalina Osmi Since 30 and 29 votes were taken, respectively, of the 190 votes declared in this category, it was not mandatory, but journalists who understood this could give their opinion.

With over 100 appearances for the Brazilian national team and a career played in Brazil, the United States and Denmark, Tamires achieved a fantastic 2021 that ended up becoming the most prominent journalist from across the continent.

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She was the captain of the Corinthians that won every championship I came across. Without going any further, they were the first Brazilian team to achieve the treble considering that they achieved the state championship, the Brazilian, and as if that weren’t enough, the Copa Libertadores de America.

The one that won in Uruguay since the final was played in Great Central Park and was played against Independiente Santa Fe. Glory has returned her to our country, considering that what has been accomplished during the year allows her to win this award today.

Advantages of Catalina Osmi in 2021

Catalina Osmi was instrumental in the campaign that led América de Cali to the final of the 2020 edition of the Copa Libertadores Women’s Cup, a tournament held at the beginning of 2021 in Argentina. Despite the fact that her team lost the final to Ferrovaria, Usme was voted as the best player in the final and in the tournament.

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Four other Colombians also took part in the poll: Linda Caicedo received four votes, Tatiana Ariza received three votes, and Gisela Robledo received one.

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