When France lost its passes to the United States in 1994 in two matches


Before winning his first World Cup in 1998, when the tournament was held at his home, France went through a dark phase with its choice, as it missed the World Cup twice, Italy 1990 and the United States 1994, Straight, but what is it Leaving out of time on American soil caused a huge disappointment In Gaelic fans.

He had also failed at the European Championships in Sweden 1992, where he remained in the group stage After two draws and a defeat at the hands of Denmark, the team that will be champions in the end.

In the last two qualifiers, against Israel and Bulgaria, the French could not score a single point. in Paris and finished third in the group, a result that left him out of the competition to be held on US soil.

The beginning and the way to the World Cup

In the 1994 UEFA Qualifiers for the United States, they were played in six groups: four of 6 teams, one of 5 and one of 7 combined. sFor the time rules, each match I won represented two points for the team and for each sector, the first two got a World Cup ticket.

France was placed in Group 6, along with Sweden, Bulgaria, Austria, Finland and Israel, So he was standing out as one of the teams that would attend the tournament, because despite a poor start in the playoffs, they rebuilt the road.

In their first match in the tournament, the “Blues” lost 2-0 against Bulgaria, but in their next match they beat Austria with the same score, Recovery signal on the computer. Later they defeated Finland, crushed Israel, defeated Austria again and beat Sweden for the first time in a tie, In doing so, he tied five consecutive victories.

During his visit to Sweden, he could only get one point after the 1-1 draw and in his match on Finnish soil he returned to the winning path with a score of 2-0, adding 13 units to his account and establishing himself as the leader of Group 6. The team made up of players like Didier Deschamps and Eric Cantona had everything to qualify, as they only needed to get a point in the last two games they played at Parc des Princes in Paris.

‘cruzazuleada’ at home

Before the final stage of the qualifiers, France accompanied Sweden with 12 points and Bulgaria with 10, a number that secured a ticket to the next World Cup by adding only one unit. With everything working to complete his 1994 passport to the United States, Gaul welcomed Israel, who had not won a single match, on October 13, 1993 at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

in a somersault duel, The guests came forward in the 21st minute with Ronen Harazi, But the hosts reached the age of 29 and 39 with goals from Frank Suzy and David Ginola, respectively. In the last ten minutes, the Israelis stunned in the equaliser thanks to goals from Eyal Berkowitz and Reuven Atar. Thus, Israel received its only victory in the rating, but ended in last place.

The Europeans still had a chance, as they had to face Bulgaria at the conclusion of the match. With Sweden taking first place, the French and Bulgarians disputed the second pass of the fair; The tie was still enough for the locals.

On November 17 of the same year, the Parisian stadium again received a match of its choice, but they knew that it would be a tragic night for the locals. Cantona put the Blues ahead in the 32nd minute, but five minutes later Emil Kostdinov equalized and gave hope to his team.

David Ginola, the culprit

The rest of the match advanced and the French had the ticket in their hands until the 90th minute, When an unusual play by David Ginola caused a deadly target against the landlords.

Ginola had the ball in the right corner of the Bulgarian square and all he had to do was hold it until the clock had run out, but he decided to send an inconsequential cross and inflicted the opposite kick to the opponent. The Bulgarian match ended with the ball in the net thanks to a shot from Kostdinov. Bulgaria came out with a 2-1 win and also with a World Cup ticket.

After more than eight years in the shadows and two absences from the World Cup events, France put the past behind them and held their first World Cup finals on home soil in 1998.


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