Spider-Man vs Venom will be a reality

Spider-Man vs Venom will be a reality

They are already preparing for a movie where we will see the epic battle of Spider-Man vs Venom, two of the best Marvel characters.

In the cinema we can actually see the fight Spider-Man vs. Venom In the third installment of the saga Sam Remy Which premiered in 2007. On that occasion she played these characters Toby Maguire s Providing campanula Straight. The film was a massive box office success, grossing $ 894 million. But the fans weren’t completely satisfied.

They have since rebooted both characters and are expected to make the movie for a while. Spider-Man vs. Venom With Tom Holland s Tom Hardy. Although at the moment it is a bit complicated. Since the director himself Andy Serkis He has said that we will not see Peter Parker D. Tom Holland In a movie Tom Hardy. Because Symbiote has a franchise of its own and it will be showing for the first time Poison: There will be massacre In October, while we’ll see Spider-Man: No way home In December and belongs to Marvel Studios.

Things will change in the next few years.

now in Sony The movie was set as a priority Spider-Man vs. Venom, So it won’t be inside Marvel Film StudiosBut it will be Peter Parker Which will be presented in an epic Poison. This is due to the large percentage of Sony With DisneyWhere agreements were reached for the benefit of all parties.

Plus, one of the great attractions Spider-Man: No way home Is that they will deliver Multiverse So from that moment on, the jumps between different realities won’t be too complex and won’t ruin cohesion Marvel Film Studios.

In the comics there are many stories about the confrontations between Spider-Man vs. VenomThis is why fans are so excited to see it again in the cinema and make it even more satisfying than it was in 2007. While we wait for this amazing movie to be confirmed, you can watch all of its installments. Marvel Studios On Disney Plus by following this link.

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