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From the worries of leaving Some contact is forgotten. Someone has been in the request for years, so there is a risk that someone will be left behind. The best way is to resort to group messaging to announce that we have already abandoned WhatsApp to go to competition, such as Telegram and Signal. The good news is that all of this can be done with a few clicks.

The most natural way to notify everyone that they will no longer exist It changes your profile information. To avoid downloading third-party apps, just open On your smartphone, go to “Settings”. Next, click on the text that appears to the right of your profile picture and click on the box to be able to write a message.

We recommend the following line so that everyone is aware of your departure The WhatsApp. “Starting May 15, you can find me on Telegram and Signal” It is the simplest message to coordinate where your future communications will be.

Watomatic is available on Android

WhatsApp | Automatic responses

Now, if your favorite thing is to resort to an application, we recommend that you download it Automatic. What this service does is notify your contacts that they are no longer using After accessing notifications. You can write the answer yourself to give all the details about how to identify your contacts in other messaging apps.

The app can work with group messages, you only need to select this setting in Settings Automatic. It also contains a log of notifications captured so you know program activity.

Best Automatic It is a free app without ads. You just have to give him access to your notifications for the system to work without problems. Here we leave you So that you can notify your contacts one time.

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