Android users are alerted about a virus impersonating a Chrome app; Stealing bank details


Cybersecurity firm Pradeo has warned of new Android “malware” masquerading as the Google Chrome app.

According to the company, “malware” has spread to hundreds of devices in recent weeks.

Our team has come across a sophisticated mobile attack campaign that uses technical phishing to steal data and infect victims’ credit cards with malware that impersonates the Google Chrome Android app


The attack begins with a basic tactic, “phishing” (a type of “phishing”), which is a type of crime or criminal activity based on social engineering techniques, where users receive text messages that contain viruses.

The modus operandi, according to Badreou, is that victims receive an SMS text message telling them that they must pay customs duties in order to deliver a parcel to be released.

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Later, if users access the site by clicking on the message, a text will appear informing them to update the Chrome app.

Once the request is accepted, they are directed to a malicious website hosting the fake application, at which point “malware” is downloaded to their phones.

Once the alleged update is complete, victims are directed to a “phishing” page, where users are required to pay a small amount of $ 1 or $ 2 to access their credit card information.

Radio It indicates that more than 2000 SMS messages are sent per week from infected devices. Recipient phone numbers are simply random and not victims’ contacts.

So far, more than one hundred thousand Android users have received the attack.

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