Apple Music confirms the service will arrive in HD starting next month at no additional cost


after a while Rather short But Very accurate from RumorsApple made the HD music service official. Finally, we do not have to talk about different methods: Apple Music is adding lost quality to its catalog Without more. you will be Throughout the catalog, and in part it will add Dolby Atmos with its spatial sound. The maximum quality becomes 24 bit and 192 kHz.

Uncompressed audio comes to Apple Music

That being said, Apple won’t charge you a special fee to be able to enjoy this sound quality, but rather We will continue to pay the same amount (9.99 € per month for individual accounts, 4.99 € per month for students or 14.99 € per month for family members).

Of course, we must have headphones that are able to reproduce this sound in high definition in order for us to enjoy it. Or what is the same, you have some AirPods Pro Or some AirPods Max With spatial audio playback. However, Dolby Atmos audio will work on all AirPods with the W1 and H1 chip. It will also do so in Beats headphones with that chip and in the built-in speakers for the latest iPhone 12, Mac and iPad ranges.

All this news will be Available from next monthAt that time, iOS will definitely be updated to version 14.6 with the rest of the equivalent versions in the company’s other operating systems. The switch to uncompressed audio will begin with 20 million songs starting next month, to cover more than 75 million songs in the entire catalog by the end of the year.

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