Sports City Stadium turned 75 years old

FC Barcelona celebrates its 75th anniversary. (Photo: Twitter/Caybeni)

The Sports City Stadium, also known as Azulgrana NS blue Meets 75 years since its inception. It is one of the most important sports spaces in the Middle East Mexico CityThe building was originally an American football stadium and over time became a haven for football. Despite years past, it is still a comfortable property, with excellent visibility and in perfect condition.

Its construction began in 1944, as part of an urban project named Sports City, imagine it Najib Simon, I thought his idea of ​​a sports and commercial complex. It will have a stadium, a wrestling arena, cinemas, theatres, art galleries, a fronton, an Olympic swimming pool, a bowling alley, tennis courts and recreational areas. However, he was a Mexican businessman Economic problems It can only conclude Stadium and the bullfighting mexico. Architect Modesto Si Roland He was responsible for the design of the property, which he initially thought of creating up to 45 thousand people.

hosted International Championships Such as CONCACAF Champions CupAnd Editor’s Cup And South American Cup; exhibition games NFLAnd Mexican First ClassAnd MX . Cup And Champion of ChampionsAnd World Cup qualifiers, she even hosted events PolicyAnd religious And social. It is currently being used for the tournament MX . expansion as home atlas.

The stadium currently houses the Atlante of Expansión MX.  (Photo: Twitter / LeonesNegrosCF)
The stadium currently houses the Atlante of Expansión MX. (Photo: Twitter / LeonesNegrosCF)

that it Opening day event October 6, 1946Basim Olympic Stadium for Sports City, with a football match between Pumas from Yunam and the Aguiluchos del Heroico Colegio MilitarHe said the match ended with the victory of Pumas D 45-0. The opening was accompanied by a military show by Military College students and the procession A member of the team at the time American Football League.

With the rise of football in Mexico City, it was home to it America (1947-1955), necaxa (1950-1955), atlas (1947-1957, 1983-1989, 1990-1996, 2000-2002 and 2020 to present), Mars (1947-1953), Pumas (1966-1969) and blue cross (1996-2018). It was also the headquarters of mexican national team Enter 1947 and 1955 and in 1992 during the World Cup qualifiers NS United States 1994.

Later 1983 steering committee Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), negotiated the return of Atlante to the building, making it Azulgrana Stadium, Even 1996. That’s why there was a file investment de MXN 30 million for you redesigning; at that time iron ponies Temporarily moved to Corregidora Stadium employment Queretaro.

NS 1996 The Atlantic is back Aztec Stadium And at that moment Cruz Azul arrived, who did the rebuilding again and stayed 20 years, until 2018 cement machine Did not reach a new agreement with Cosio . family, who are friends From the property, the space is unused.

Lionel Messi played in 2011 on the Blue Court (Image: Twitter / Bernardo Cortez)
Lionel Messi played in 2011 on the Blue Court (Image: Twitter / Bernardo Cortez)

Finally, today it serves as the headquarters of Atlante, who returned from his residence Cancun, Although it is also rented special events, How do tribute matches NS commercial gatherings, while searching for a new agreement to get more resources.

pitch to Two professional level in the lockersAnd Two for the lower classes And Two dressing rooms for referee, it also contains a file press room NS 50 peopleAnd Internet services And My voice, a Restaurant area NS 264 people 23 external entrances And 24 interior designAnd 2 lockersAnd 92 stages to 210 places, Closed circle With seven cameras and It can accommodate 36,681 spectatorsThus, it is the ninth largest stadium in Mexico.

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