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pirate vs. Titans.

pirate vs. Titans.

World Cup Qualifiers, Basketball League.

2:45 pm:
World Cup Qualifiers, Ireland vs. Portugal

Channel 610 or 619
11 am:
World Cup Qualifiers, Georgia vs. Sweden
2:45 pm: Romania vs. Iceland
2:45 pm: Greece vs. Spain
2:45 pm: Malta vs. Croatia

8 am:
World Cup Qualifiers, Ethiopia vs. Ghana
2:45 pm: Germany vs Liechtenstein

10 am:
Basketball League, Pirates vs Team Cali
4 m: Motilones vs. titans
7:10 pm: Tigrelos vs. Caribbean Storm

Snail channel
4 pm
: World Cup Qualifiers, Ecuador vs. Venezuela (Caracol Play)
6 m: Paraguay vs. Chile (Caracol Play)
7:30 pm: Brazil vs. Colombia
21:00: Peru vs. Bolivia (Caracol Play)

star +
8 am:
World Cup Qualifiers, Tanzania vs. Congo
8 am: Uganda vs. Kenya
11 am: Rwanda vs. Financial
11 am: Cabio Republic vs. Namibia
11 am: Benin vs Madagascar
2 pm: South Africa vs. Zimbabwe
2 pm: Togo vs Senegal
6 m: Brazilian Football, Flamengo vs. Purchase


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