Steps on your mobile phone to tell you who is calling you


Can you imagine that you Telephone I can tell you the name The person calling you? Technology and smartphones have advancements that allow you to do things you never thought would happen before, as in this case.

If you have a device with an operating system android, We tell you what to do so that your phone tells you the name of the person calling you, so you can decide if it is necessary to answer or if you can return the call later, so take a note.

Steps for your cell phone to tell you who is talking to you. Photo: Freepik

How to make your cell phone tell you who is talking to you

The first thing you should know is that Android has a well-established operating system developed by Google, and in this way, you can access various functions, one of which is that it can say aloud the name of the person calling you.

This option is only useful to see who of your contacts is trying to call you and to know if it is important to answer at that moment or if it is a spam call.

The steps to be followed to activate this function are:

  • Enter the “Settings” section of your phone.
  • Then go to “Accessibility”.
  • Click “Interaction and Skill”.
  • Go to “Answer / End Calls”.
  • Finally, turn on the “Read Names Aloud” switch.

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Ready, in this simple way now your phone will be able to tell you who is calling you, but you must bear in mind that if you register it with characters other than letters, the system will not be able to translate it, so we recommend that you check how to set your agenda so that this function can serve you.

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The advantage of this function is that you do not need to install third-party apps to be able to use it, just follow the above steps. When you want to remove this function, you just have to follow the same steps but at the end turn off the “Read Names Aloud” switch.

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