Superman: The new movie will have the black Clark Kent


TheNew movie from Superman It will have a black protagonist. It is only a character Clark Kent, The journalist who became one of the most famous heroes on the planet. Some have speculated that this new movie could be produced Superman is black It will revolve around alternate versions of the comics.

However, this option is unlikely. the product, JG Abrams, Wants Superman all life, Without going into the other options it offers The DC universe What we’ll be detailing next is the guy who stars in the movie. is being Clark Kent. Not only that, but they are also looking for a black director for the new movie.

Precedents of black Superman

There are many precedents in which an African American version of the superhero appeared. Calvin Ellis is one of them: The character was created for DC Comics to Grant Morrison and Doug Mahank. His first appearance in this role happened in 2009 and it is inspired by the former president Barack Obama. Reality, Calvin Ellis He is also the ultimate actor for United State.

Another alternative version of Capital Characterized by the presence of another black Superman: Val Zod. This time, this character comes from the island of Vathlo, where the dark-skinned kryptonians have lived for a long time. Before his planet was destroyed, it was sent to Earth And in the comics he encounters a sinister version of Kal-El, The original Superman.

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