TAG Heuer takes the smartwatch concept to another level, find out how!

TAG Heuer takes the smartwatch concept to another level, find out how!

Today, this year It is the luxury Swiss watch brand that has become over the years the favorite of many, as it is synonymous with quality, exclusivity and innovation. Always on top, in 2020 it unveiled its first smart watch: TAG Heuer Connected. This device quickly established itself as one of the best in its class. It is enough to see the presentation of the packaging to understand that all the details of its models are taken care of in the best possible way.

This year, the brand continues to innovate with launches, of which we already know two of them, and here we share them with you. First, your new app HealthIt was created to accompany you every day with the most important information about your health and physical activities. The second, he called his collaboration with professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition. Here we share the details of each one.

Monitor your health and fitness

With th Wellness application You have the ability to view daily measures of your step count, daily physical activity time, heart rate and calories burned, all of which are synced with smart phone Through the application TAG Heuer Connected To track and get your information wherever you go.

Compare your performance and set clear goals

By being aware of your current physical condition, you can begin to set personal goals such as walking more steps per day or burning a certain number of calories, including carefully comparing weekly metrics to set specific goals using dm100 Smartwatch. All this is very simple because its application is very easy to use.

Integration of technology and sport

This is new TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition It is the perfect balance between design, luxury brand attributes and the best technology integration to ensure the best golfers experience today. The Special Edition strap gives it a sporty touch without losing the touch of exclusivity.

One of the unique features that this model offers to all of its users is the opportunity to enjoy two-dimensional and photorealistic 3D and interactive golf courses with amazing detail. Plus, you can enjoy this experience on the most popular operating systems: Android and iOS. In both systems there are constant updates to the map graphics to increase the experience inside.

you know what On the use of golf clubs

Thanks to the advanced field analysis technology, this big smartwatch follows the user’s goal through maps to suggest the best club based on distances. You can also configure the distances manually keeping in mind the club being used to grasp and select the shots perfectly.

A truly special piece

The TAG Heuer Connected It has a diameter of 45mm and an ultra-light black titanium body with the brand’s signature design. The unique pregnancy experience and its performance-focused architecture make it the most resistant choice to your daily activities. TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition It comes with an exclusive pouch and travel pouch for your golf accessories. Its white rubber strap and green seams are inspired by golf balls.

This luxurious accessory contains a large repertoire of belts so you can find the one that best suits your style. From the first day you incorporate it into your routine, you realize the great thing Plus It is for your life. You will always have at your disposal the most important information about your health and physical condition, along with a stylish and distinctive design. Discover the best of technology, quality and luxury with Today, this year Clicking Here.

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