Thanks to this Xiaomi app, I can watch more than 200 channels on my Android TV without paying anything

Thanks to this Xiaomi app, I can watch more than 200 channels on my Android TV without paying anything

Xiaomi TV + is an application from the Chinese giant for Android TV and Google TV that offers you a total of 240 channels completely free.

I recently told you about My experience with Pluto TVone of The best free apps to watch TV on your Android phonebut if what you are looking for is a similar app Watch free TV on your TVKeep reading because this piques your interest.

Today I came to discover a rather unknown app Xiaomicalled Xiaomi TV +, thanks I watch over 200 TV channels on my Android TV without paying a single penny.

Xiaomi TV + cover

Xiaomi TV + app on Chromecast with Google TV

Enjoy a variety of channels in Full HD and HDR thanks to Xiaomi TV +

Xiaomi TV + is a completely free application available for Download it in the Google Play Store for both Android TV and Google TV And it is very easy to use because once we open the app on our TV we simply have to press a button all channels to reach 240 channels owned by this app.

Xiaomi TV + -1

Click the All Channels button to access the complete Xiaomi TV + channel list

In this sense, you should know that all channels of this application Broadcast in full HD Many of them are compatible with the HDR standard.

Once you get to the channel grid, you will see a very simple and very simple interface Channels grouped by categories appear on the left side Like music, science, nature, crime, lifestyle or in Spanish.

Xiaomi TV + -2

If you click on the “in Spanish” category, you will access all the channels of the platform in this language

The latter is really useful because it allows you to do so Filter all channels in Spanish quickly and easilySince then, as you will imagine the rest of the channels on the network in the language of Shakespeare.

within Highlights of Xiaomi TV + channels the following:

  • TG in Spanish
  • BloombergTV+
  • mma tv
  • Heritage +
  • Spanish Euronews
  • your own cinema
  • Classic cinema
  • It’s TV
  • Insight TV
  • ted
  • heartbeat music
  • Vivaldi
  • Outdoor Sports Channel +
  • Beginner Complete English
  • Average full English
  • Complete advanced English
This is the app I use to watch free TV channels on my mobile phone

It appears when you enter each of the categories A list of the channels that make it up and a complete programming guide for each, in such a way that you can watch what they are broadcasting now and what they will broadcast soon. In addition, this content network can also be accessed while a channel is running, something that allows you to do so Find your favorite show, series or movie and start playing it right away.

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