The American knight has been suspended for 10 years for using electronic Spurs on his horse


eAmerican racer Andrew Kocher has been suspended for 10 years for using electric spurs on his horses according to the court of the International Federation of Equestrian (FEI) Kosher who represented the United States internationally in the Cup of Nations, He was also excluded from eight events Between June 2018 and November 2019, he was fined $ 11,000 in fine and ordered to pay the costs.

The FEI opened an investigation after a whistleblower claimed this Kocher has used the electroshock device in various competitions. Under FEI regulations, exposing a horse to any type of electric shock is considered abuse.

Kocher was temporarily suspended on October 28, 2020 and will be able to compete again in October 2030. The United States Equestrian Federation said in a statement that it supported “unequivocally” the ruling of the International Equestrian Federation. “The United States Jumping Team. Does not tolerate any form of cheating or abuse of horses and fully supports the outcome of the FEI court decision,” said Robert Redland, USA Jumping Team Leader and Technical Adviser.

Kocher previously denied using electric shocks to his horse You have 21 days to appeal the FEI’s decision to the Arbitration Sport Court.

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