The Bermuda Triangle: NASA’s Strange Discoveries


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specialist NASA It was revealed that the area between the southern region of Florida, And islands Bermuda s Puerto Rico, Commonly known as Bermuda Triangle, Can be produced Damage to satellites, Which Exposed to intense radiation.

According to the researchers, the radiation has become more intense than anywhere on Earth since then The solar cosmic rays are not preserved In this region, so the Satellites are exposed to increased radiation When they pass through this area.

“I don’t like the title of the Bermuda Triangle, but in that area, the The decrease in the geomagnetic field density increases the satellites’ exposure to energetic particlesTo the extent that damage to the spacecraft can occur when crossing the area. ” John Tarduno, Professor of Geophysics at University of Rochester.

A) Yes, Satellites passing through the Bermuda Triangle will encounter greater amounts of radiation To the extent that damage can be caused by shock or an electric arc. “

According to information from the astronauts who were in International Space Station, In the early years Bermuda Triangle It caused computer crashes, forcing the space agencies to shut it down.

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