The best movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Movistar +


Updated 03/19/2021 08:58

There is a lot, and very interesting, to watch on and off Netflix: Human voice, First short film written by Pedro Almodvar, starring ingenious Tilda Swinton; the plot Farsity Blues: A Scandal at American UniversityOr, how the rich and famous sneaked into the country’s best educational centers; s August MaidenA tale between Sufism and ceremonial, signed Jones Trouba.

It only lasts half an hour but contains everything one would expect from a Pedro Almodvar movie, including the majestic photography of Jos Luis Alkin and the music of Alberto Iglesias. Tilda Swinton He is the ultimate protagonist of this free adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s theatrical monologue: A woman spends three days with the one crushing company of bags of a beau who has just left herr (and his dog), waiting for the call to mark the end of their relationship. Despair, sadness, anger, and helplessness … the British actress’s interpretation in this short clip is that Movistar + premiere is witty, and her feelings are tangible on screen like the impeccable wardrobe fabric that embodies this story of love, revenge and rebirth.

How much do wealthy families want access to America’s elite universities? Netflix Premiere The Varsity Blues Conspiracy: A Scandal at American UniversityLooking at the mysterious figure of Rick Singer, The brain Behind the college admission scam That infuriated the entire country in 2019. The singer – played by Matthew Modine – convinced his rich and famous clients to trick an academic system already designed for the benefit of the privileged.

Eva is about to turn 33 years old. Almost in an act of faith He decides to stay in Madrid in August, to see if the empty city gives him the opportunity to start from scratch. At summer festivals, she meets other people trying to help them, even though what she really does is help herself. A Maiden of August is a film diary, an intimate journey of a woman and a story between mystical and ceremonial, with the title role, directed by Jons Trueba and Itxaso Arana. (HBO)

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