The Dodgers made history by signing players from Uganda


Los Angeles Dodgers They continued to surprise with their international signings in 2022 and managed to make history after getting two prospects from Uganda. The Los Angeles organization was responsible for recruiting players from different parts of the world and now they will have two players from the African country.

Dodgers sign two potential Ugandans

In social networks, the Uganda National Sports Council He indicated that Los Angeles Dodgers Sign players Ben Sironkoma s Male age. This is a historical thing for the African country and baseball, because they are the first Ugandans to belong to an organization Big leagues.

The next step for players from Uganda will be to travel to Dodgers found in Dominican Republic. With this, they will begin their operation in Small tournaments Los Angeles and they will pursue their dream of reaching it Big leagues.

In addition, the Dodgers They have also decided to come to an agreement with another Ugandan, Joshua Kizito, who will be a coach at Las Palmas field for the 2022 season. This is also a historic thing, as he will be the first Ugandan-born coach in an organization in Big leagues.

This is historical and without a doubt something very important to baseball, because it shows that the “King of Sports” is reaching all over the world. Uganda It is located in East Africa and has a population of 45 million.

Photo: National Sports Council – Uganda (Twitter)

By: Eric Aguirre

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