the end of the world? This will happen to the Sun in the future, according to the European Space Agency

the end of the world?  This will happen to the Sun in the future, according to the European Space Agency
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After 10 or 11 billion years, the Sun will die. | Photo: European Space Agency.

The Mission Gaia star mapping European Space Agency (European Space Agency for its English acronym) revealed a series of data that allowed experts to make predictions what will happen to him Sun In the future.

According to the European Space Agency, The sun is now in its middle age Being 4.57 billion years old, hydrogen fuses into helium and is generally stable, but this will not always be the case with hydrogen fuel depletion in its core and changes in the fusion process, The sun will swell into a giant red starwhich lowers its surface temperature in the process.

“Our sun will reach a maximum temperature in about 8 billion years, then cool down and increase in size, becoming a red giant star in about 10 to 11 billion years,” the European Space Agency said in a report. Release.

He also stated that “The sun will reach the end of its life After this stage, when it finally becomes a faint white dwarf.”

“While a star’s mass changes relatively little during its lifetime, a star’s temperature and size varies greatly with age. These changes are driven by the type of nuclear fusion reactions that are occurring within the star at that time.”

This was possible thanks to 3rd edition of Gaia master data Information emerged last June about the intrinsic properties of hundreds of millions of stars, including how hot, their size and the masses they contain.

That is, according to this isAnd the Jaya It takes exceptionally accurate readings of the star’s apparent brightness, as seen from Earth, and its color.

This is important because, according to experts, by accurately identifying stars of similar mass and composition in Sun, You may know How will Star King develop in the future?

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